A rare case of an acute soleus arcade syndrome complicated by a ganglion cyst: diagnosis by dynamic ultrasound

Leonhard Gruber, Alexander Loizides, Stephanie Klien, Thomas Trieb, Michael Koller, Wolfgang Löscher, Hannes Gruber


The soleus arcade syndrome is a rare compression neuropathy of the tibial nerve that often remains undiagnosed due to low clinical awareness and difficult diagnosis. We present the case of a female patient admitted with acute worsening of a pre-existing sensory tibial neuropathy and acute tibial nerve palsy after knee joint injection. After a knee magnetic resonance imaging remained non-diagnostic, dynamic ultrasonography was performed. Constriction by the soleus arcade and proximal swelling of the tibial nerve could be demonstrated during plantarflexion of the ankle by means of a dynamic examination in the standing patient. The patient underwent surgery and recovered fully. This proposed diagnostic approach can be used to identify soleus arcade syndrome by ultrasound.


soleus arcade syndrome; tibial nerve; ganglion cyst; dynamic ultrasonography

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11152/mu-1003


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