The value of ultrasound diagnosis in the multidisciplinary approach of cutaneous tumours. Case report

Avram Manea, Diana Crisan, Alexandru Florin Badea, Iuliu Dinu Dumitrascu, Mihaela Felicia Baciut, Simion Bran, Ileana Mitre, Maria Crisan, Grigore Baciut


We report the case of a senior patient, presenting with two cutaneous tumours in which the clinical and dermoscopic examination pointed towards a basal cell carcinoma. Ultrasound revealed highly vascularised tumours and elastography showed increased rigidity. Histological examination of both lesions following complete resection was consistent with squamous cell carcinomas. The distinctive feature of this case consists of the complex non-invasive diagnostic imaging of the tumour morphology, performed in real time, revealing aspects compatible with highly proliferative malignant tumours. This case emphasises the importance of ultrasound diagnosis in a multi-disciplinary approach for better and more predictable results.


basal cell carcinoma; squamous cell carcinoma; dermoscopy; skin neoplasms; ultrasonography

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