The potential of ultrasonography in the evaluation of foot orthotics therapy

Daniel Petcu, Delia Alexandrina Mitrea, Cosmina Ioana Bondor, Elena Rodica Perciun


Foot orthotics prescription is based on the foot functioning paradigms with tissue stress theory being in avant-garde. The main goal of orthotic therapy is to reduce the internal tissue’s pathological stresses in the foot structures. Traditionally, ultrasound scanning technique depicts anatomic related data of both common and uncommon pathology encountered in the clinical practice, helping in diagnosing, treating and evaluating, which are equally important for the practitioners. Its accessibility, compared to biomechanical modelling, makes this technique a valuable tool in the field of foot and ankle disorders. Despite its user-dependent limitation, the ongoing technical progress improves the ability of ultrasonography as a highly advanced 
procedure in musculoskeletal imaging, being also a valuable searching tool for musculotendinous mechanics or morphological changes as a result of a conservative intervention. The aim of the present work was to perform a review of the state of the art concerning the usefulness of ultrasonography in the study of foot orthotic therapy and to analyze its effectiveness.


foot orthoses; ultrasonography; mechanical phenomena; texture analysis; computer assisted diagnosis

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