Contrast enhanced harmonic ultrasonography for the evaluation of acute scrotal pathology. A pictorial essay.

Radu Badea, Ciprian Lucan, Mihai Suciu, Tudor Vasile, Mirela Gersak


Conventional ultrasonographic evaluation (grey scale and Doppler) represents the first line investigation in the acute pathology of the scrotum. Its diagnosis value in acute scrotal pathology is undoubted in regard with hypervascular lesions, but in the evaluation of isoechoic and hypo/avascular lesions i.v. contrast-enhanced harmonic ultrasonography (CEUS) is recommended in establishing a firm and certain diagnosis. Besides these, CEUS has an important role in the evaluation of the remaining viable testicular tissue in cases of testicular trauma, thus guiding a limited excision surgery. This paper aims to discuss the added diagnosis value of CEUS and to illustrate this through various ultrasonographic images suggestive for acute scrotum pathology.



testicle; ultrasonography; contrast media

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