Celiac disease in toddler with atypical onset. Case report.

Daniela Iacob, Otilia Fufezan, Dorin Farcău, Gabriel Samaşcă, Adriana Slavcovici, Dan Gheban


Celiac disease is a chronic immune-mediated disorder induced in genetically susceptible individuals after ingestion of gluten proteins. An early diagnosis is of highest importance. Ultrasound might show small-bowel intussusception. We present a toddler with one month history of diarrhea and abdominal ultrasound showing ileo-ileal intussusception. Specific serological markers for celiac disease were positive. The duodenal endoscopy showed normal architecture but pathology indicated fully developed celiac disease (Marsh 3c). In conclusion, toddlers, who have even a short history of diarrhea with ultrasound showing ileo-ileal intussusception, can be suspected of celiac disease by positive serologic markers and can be confirmed by duodenal biopsy and pathology.


celiac disease; ultrasound; duodenal biopsy; anti-endomysial and anti-transglutaminase antibodies; toddler

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11152/mu.2013.2066.181.ffz


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