Breast cystic lesions: Not so simple after all? An ultrasonographic tactical approach

Anca Ileana Ciurea, Cătălin George Iacoban, Hanelore Argentina Herţa, Cristiana Augusta Ciortea


A wide spectrum of breast diseases breast diseases have or exhibit at some point in their natural history a complex cystic aspect. Through the lens of B-mode and Doppler ultrasound with sonoelastographic augmentation, conditions ranging from the utterly benign fibrocystic change to the most intricate encysted or cystically degenerated cancerous lesions, are covered in detail in this review. The aim of this paper is to familiarize the practitioner with the ultrasonographic aspects of complex breast cystic masses and to implement a gradual, strategic approach in the diagnostic algorithm.


complex breast cysts; B-mode ultrasound; sonoelastography

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