Fibroadenomas and breast carcinoma: a possible answer to a frequently asked question. A pictorial essay

Anca Ileana Ciurea, Hanelore Argentina Herţa, Cătălin George Iacoban, Bogdan Fetica, Liliana Rogojan, Cristiana Augusta Ciortea


Fibroadenomas (FAs) are the most frequently encountered benign breast lesions in young women and due to the age of the patients, they are usually diagnosed by ultrasound. Although they rarely undergo malignant transformation, the patients remain concerned about the possibility of malignant transformation. 

The aim of this pictorial essay is to illustrate the appearance of classic and complex fibroadenomas, to discuss the risk factors and to highlight the imaging characteristics that raise the suspicion of malignant transformation. In other words, we try to answer, according to our experience and literature data, to a frequently asked question in daily practice: “Is there any risk that
my fibroadenoma will become malignant?”


ultrasound; mammography; fibroadenoma; breast cancer

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