Monochorionic-diamniotic twin pregnancy complicated by twin reversed arterial perfusion sequence and retroplacental hematoma – a case report

Andrei Mihai Malutan, Marina Dudea, Camelia Albu, Razvan Ciortea, Doru Diculescu, Radu Mocan-Hognogi, Carmen Bucuri, Maria Rada, Dan Mihu


Twin reversed arterial perfusion (TRAP) sequence is a rare and severe complication specific to monochorionic twin pregnancies, involving the presence of an acardiac twin and a structurally normal co-twin (pump twin). We report on the case of a33-year-old female with a biamniotic monochorionic twin pregnancy complicated with TRAP sequence and polyhydramnios. The patient underwent fetoscopic termination of the acardiac twin and at 34 gestational weeks (GW) was readmitted with a
retroplacental hematoma. The patient gave birth through caesarean section to a living female fetus, weighing 1480 g. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first case reporting a twin pregnancy with TRAP sequence complicated with retroplacental hematoma.


twin pregnancy; acardiac twin; TRAP sequence

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