Comparison of traditional 2D and 3D Omniview technique in detection of fetus corpus callosum

Yang Li, Guo-wei Tao, Ming-zhi Pan, Guang-rui Shao


Aim: To explore the value of Omniview (OV) technology in assessing the fetus corpus callosum.

Material and methods: For the ultrasound examination of 189 fetuses (gestational week range 19-28 weeks), two-dimensional (2D) ultrasound imaging and Omniview technology were used by two physicians (A and B). The acquisition time and the quality of images were recorded.

Results: The acquisition time of Omniview technology was shorter comparing with the aquisition time of 2D ultrasound imaging (A2D vs. AOV: 159.44±27.09 s vs. 73.90±18.99 s, p<0.01; B2D vs. BOV: 120.22±21.89 s vs. 74.19±14.86 seconds, p<0.01). 2D ultrasound examination was performed in a longer time by the junior physician, compared with the senior physician (A2D vs. B2D: 159.44±27.09 s vs. 120.22±21.89 s, p<0.01). The intra- and inter-observer reliability of acquisition time using Omniviewtechnology was good (LoA: ‒11.8 to +12.4s, and ‒41.9 to +43.3s, respectively). The success rate of junior and senior physicians with the Omniview technique was 76.2% and 80.4%, respectively. There was good consistency between the Omniview technique and 2D ultrasound imaging in terms of image quality (Kappa = 0.782, 95% CI: 0.586-0.977).

Conclusion: Omniview technique can not only obtain corpus callosum images more effectively but also can achieve better quality images. Therefore, it is a reliable method to image the fetal corpus callosum.


Omniview; fetus; ultrasonography; corpus callosum

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