Comparison between cystourethrography and sonourethrography in preoperative diagnostic management of patients with anterior urethral strictures

Jakub Krukowski, Adam Kałużny, Jakub Kłącz, Marcin Matuszewski


Aim: To evaluate the urethral lesions and the degree of spongiofibrosis using cystourethrography (CUG) and sonourethrography (SUG) in order to propose the best imaging method for further surgical treatment.

Material and methods: The study involved 66 patients with anterior urethral strictures with indication for urethroplasty. Results of CUG and SUG were compared with each other and data from surgical protocol.

Results: Totally 72 strictures were detected; 47 in the bulbar part of urethra and 25 in the penile urethra. The mean length of the stenosis was 16.43 mm for CUG and 27.41 mm for SUG and 31.05 mm during surgery. The correlation levels between imaging techniques and intraoperative measurements were 0.55 (p<0.001) for CUG and 0.73 (p<0.001) for SUG. After dividing the strictures according to their location, better correlation for stenoses was obtained in penile urethra: 0.66 (p<0.001) for CUG and 0.86 (p<0.001) for SUG.

Conclusions: SUG seems to be a simple and fast examination to evaluate urethral strictures. It is more accurate in comparison to CUG and gives a possibility to assess the spongiofibrosis. This information suggests that SUG can be a good complement to CUG in diagnosis of anterior urethtral strictures.


anterior urethral stricture; ultrasonography; sonourethrography; urethrography; spongiofibrosis

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