Contrast-enhanced ultrasound performance in predicting blunt splenic injuries requiring only observation and monitoring

Corrado Tagliati, Giulio Argalia, Gian Marco Giuseppetti


Aims: To assess contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) performance in the prediction of non-operatively managed blunt spleen injuries requiring only observation and monitoring during follow-up and to evaluate if CEUS accuracy was higher than conventional ultrasound (US) in this field.

Material and methods: In 112 hemodynamic stable blunt spleen trauma patients, CEUS was performed for follow-up after computed tomography evaluation in the emergency department. CEUS and US performance were assessed considering as true negative cases patients that had not underwent interventional or surgical treatment during follow-up and were assessed as negative for splenic complications respectively by CEUS or US examinations.

Results: CEUS showed sensitivity of 100%, specificity of 96.1%, positive predictive value of 69.2%, negative predictive value of 100.0% and accuracy of 96.4%. CEUS showed a significantly higher accuracy than conventional US (p=0.013).

Conclusions: CEUS is a very useful imaging modality during follow-up of blunt splenic trauma non-operatively managed, allowing an efficient
prediction of splenic injuries requiring only observation and monitoring during follow-up.


contrast-enhanced ultrasound; ultrasonography; spleen; blunt trauma

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