Atypical ultrasound appearance of malignant breast nodules

Anca I Ciurea, Cristiana A Ciortea, Carolina Botar-Jid, Sorin M Dudea


Breast cancer represents the most frequent malignancy in women, with more than a million cases of breast cancer diagnosed worldwide each year. Despite the increasing incidence, mortality from breast cancer continues to fall mainly due to earlier detection via mammographic screening but also due to the complementary diagnostic imaging methods. Among these, ultrasound is most frequently used to reach a correct diagnosis. Despite the fact that ultrasound is able to differentiate between benign and malignant breast masses, in practice, there are many situations in which the atypical appearance of a mass leads to
misdiagnosis. This is why, in the case of a breast nodule, all the sonographic features should be carefully analysed in order to reach the correct diagnosis and to reduce the rate of false negative results.


breast ultrasound; atypical lesions; ultrasound breast diagnosis


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