Ultrasound identifi cation of axillary artery anomaly during axillary brachial plexus block: a case report

Brian D O’Donnell, Gabriella Iohom


Signifi cant inter-individual variations exist in the vascular and neural anatomy of the human axilla. Ultrasound guidance allows the detection of such variation, and facilitates the alteration of regional anesthetic technique accordingly. We describe a case of ultrasound-guided axillary brachial plexus block, in a patient with a duplex axillary arterial system. Ultrasound detection of this arterial anomaly permitted safe and successful axillary block, under real-time ultrasound guidance. Variations in the anatomy of the axillary artery and clinical implications of the use of ultrasound guidance are discussed.


double axillary artery; regional anaesthesia; ultrasonography

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