Transfontanelar ultrasound diagnosis of brain abscesses in two neonates

Ioana Alina Anca, George Jugulete, Florin Brezan, Monica Luminos, Irina Adriana Horhoianu, Eliza Cinteza, Beata Acs


We report two cases of brain abscesses in neonates diagnosed by transfontanelar ultrasound and cranial MRI. In the first case 2 separate abscesses developed and in the second case the abscess had intraventricular communication. CT scan in the early phase of abscess formation did not offer any supplementary information compared to transfontanelar ultrasound. Serial transfontanelar scans proved to have a higher diagnostic value when used dynamically. Both infants were initially managed conservatively but then surgical intervention was required.


brain abscess; transfontanelar ultrasound; neonates

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