Ultrasound as the first imaging method in severe lung disease. Considerations about a case of pulmonary tuberculosis and review of the literature

Iulia Laura Gavrila, Radu Ion Badea, Claudia Jude, Mihai Adrian Socaciu, Mihai Comsa, Alexandru Florin Badea


Abdominal ultrasound (US) performed as a “primary imaging procedure” is an important diagnostic tool in gastroenterol-ogy. Expanding the routine investigation to the lower thoracic region might sometimes accelerate the diagnosis in inconclusive manifestations such as pulmonary pathology.US is a valuable tool in evaluating patients with breathing difficulties, chest pain, hypoxia, or chest trauma. This paper presents the particular situation of a patient hospitalized in the gastroenterology depart-ment, where the US identified significant pulmonary alterations and changed the final diagnosis from a gastrointestinal disease to pleuro-pulmonary tuberculosis. A brief review of literature is also included, in relation to chest US.


chest ultrasound; tuberculosis; pleural effusion; chest X-ray

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11152/mu-1890


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