Recurrent pancreatic cancer patient treated by chemotherapy and focused ultrasound surgery. A case report

Dobromir Dimitrov, Nadya Stanislavova, Tsanko Yotsov, Kun Zhou


We present a case of recurrent pancreatic cancer diagnosed by computer tomography (CT) and positron emission tomography
(PET), 7 months after Whipple radical surgery in a 61-year-old female patient. The patient was successfully treated by
focused ultrasound surgery (FUS) by innovative high intensity focused ultrasound device. The patient had no complications.
Multiple cycles of chemotherapy were done. Twelve months after FUS the new PET-CT showed no evidence of metabolite active
zone in the area of ablation and no progression of disease. The presented case is unique according to the literature as a local
recurrence after radical surgery for pancreatic cancer, successfully managed by local FUS ablation and adjuvant chemotherapy.


high intensity focused ultrasound ablation; pancreatic cancer; chemotherapy

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