Imaging findings on contrast-enhanced ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging and hybrid positron emission tomography in Takayasu arteritis: a case report

Yonggeng Goh, Eric Ting, Jeevesh Kapur, Melati Dewi, Arvind Kumar Sinha, Vijay Kumar Sharma


This case report demonstrates the potential of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in diagnosing active arterial wall inflammation in a symptomatic patient with Takayasu arteritis (TA). To our knowledge, this is the first case which demonstrates pictorial correlation of arterial wall neovascularity on CEUS with mural edema on magnetic resonance imaging and metabolic activity on positron emission tomography – computed tomography in the same patient. As TA is a chronic disease which requires long-term follow-up, CEUS could be the potential imaging modality of choice as it is radiation-free, non-nephrotoxic and easily available.


contrast-enhanced ultrasound; neovascularization; Takayasu arteritis; magnetic resonance imaging; hybrid positron emission tomography

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