Difficulties in diagnosing HIV-associated nephropathy in kidney transplanted patients. The role of ultrasound and CEUS.

Florin Ioan Elec, Tudor Moisoiu, Mihai Adrian Socaciu, Alina Daciana Elec, Adriana Milena Muntean, Gheorghiță Iacob, Radu Ion Badea


A 62-year-old woman who underwent kidney transplantation in 2014 was diagnosed with HIV infection in 2018. Grey scale and Doppler ultrasound evaluation revealed a normal aspect of the allograft. Contrast-enhanced ultrasound detected a quick cortical contrast uptake followed by a rapid cortical wash-out. This behavior was interpreted as a sign of inflammation. Ten months after ultrasound evaluation the graft presented severe disfunction and the patient was reintroduced into the hemodialysis program.


Contrast-enhanced ultrasound; HIV infection; allograft; kidney

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11152/mu-2314


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