The utility of ultrasound examination in cubital tunnel syndrome caused by heterotopic ossification

Jakub Jačisko, Karolína Sobotová, Kamal Mezian


This case presents the utility of ultrasound examination in diagnostics, providing accurate therapy and follow-up of entrapment syndrome of the ulnar nerve, caused by heterotopic ossification. The heterotopic ossifications were in this case presumably linked to a long-term working with a vibration sander.

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Kara M, Yalçın S, Yenigün D, Tiftik T, Malas FÜ, Özçakar L. Heterotopic ossification and cubital tunnel syndrome in traumatic brain injury: Ultrasound 'sees' both. J Back Musculoskelet Rehabil. 2015;28(2):415-7.

Meyers C, Lisiecki J, Miller S, et al. Heterotopic Ossification: A Comprehensive Review. JBMR Plus. 2019;3(4):e10172.



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