Fetal axillary lymphangioma diagnosed on a 2D/4D ultrasound second trimester scan – a case report and short literature review

Bogdan Ioan Stefanescu, Iulian Valentin Munteanu, Diana Sabina Radaschin, Bianca Georgiana Constantin


Fetal lymphangioma, also known as cystic hygroma, is a hamartomatous congenital tumor which involves the fetal skin and the subcutaneous tissue. The most common site of appearance is in the neck region. Location of the lesion in the axilla as well as in other anathomical sites is very rare.

Prenatal diagnosis can be made on ultrasound examination. Other structural or chromosomal anomalies are frequently associated with this diagnosis. The antepartum management and type of delivery should be set up by a multidisciplinary team.

We present a rare case diagnosed with axillary lymphangioma during the second trimester morphological ultrasound 2D/4D scan.


lymphangioma; cystic lymphangioma; cyctic hygroma; fetal vascular tumors

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11152/mu-2531