Does lymph node morphology using ultrasound reflect aetiology? A pictorial essay, part I

Corinna Trenker, Christian Görg, Alois Hollerweger, Christian Jenssen, Yi Dong, Xin-Wu Cui, Christoph F Dietrich


The evaluation of lymph nodes (LNs) using ultrasound requires a high level of clinical and sonographic competence. This “pictorial essay” is intended to illustrate eye-catching examples of relevant “clinical-sonographic visual diagnoses” of LNs. We provide typical images and take-home messages of eye-catching features to illustrate the featured publications.

The first part includes “important differential diagnoses of eye-catching features of suspected lymphadenopathy” and “benign lymphadenopathy”. The second part will include “Eye-catching features of malignant lymphadenopathy, both carcinoma and lymphoma”


ultrasound; neoplasia; hematology; lymph node

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