Does lymph node morphology using ultrasound reflect aetiology? A pictorial essay, part II, malignant lymphadenopathy

Corinna Trenker, Christian Görg, Alois Hollerweger, Christian Jenssen, Yi Dong, Xin-Wu Cui, Christoph F Dietrich


The evaluation of lymph nodes (LN) using ultrasound requires a high level of clinical and sonographic competence. This “pictorial essay” is intended to illustrate eye-catching examples of relevant “clinical-sonographic visual diagnoses” of LNs. We provide typical images and take home messages of eye-catching features to illustrate the featured publications.

The first part included the introduction into the subject, indications for US examination and the widely accepted recognized features for LN characterization. The key features for the differential diagnosis of suspected lymphadenopathy and benign lymphadenopathy are illustrated. In the second part eye-catching features of malignant lymphadenopathy and the differential diagnosis of carcinoma and lymphoma are shown


ultrasound; neoplasia; hematology; lymph node

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