Ultrasonography techniques in the preoperative diagnosis of parotid gland tumors – an updated review of the literature

Sebastian Stoia, Grigore Băciuț, Manuela Lenghel, Radu Badea, Mihaela Băciuț, Simion Bran, Dinu Cristian


Preoperative diagnosis of parotid tumors plays a crucial role in selecting and planning the surgical treatment. Ultrasound (US) with its modern techniques can contribute to the differential diagnosis of parotid tumors. This paper aims to achieve a comprehensive review of the ultrasound techniques used in the differential diagnosis of parotid tumors, based on the latest literature data. Considering that most parotid gland tumors are located in the superficial lobe, US is frequently the first imaging technique used for the diagnosis of parotid tumors. Sonoelastography can provide additional data on the elasticity of parotid tumors, but there is an overlap between malignant and benign parotid tumors parameters. Contrast-enhanced ultrasound adds value to conventional ultrasound and allows a more complete characterization of parotid tumors. Many authors have reported promising results using contrast-enhanced ultrasound in the differential diagnosis of parotid tumors. Multiparametric ultrasound with a careful and systematic approach usually allows an accurate differential diagnosis of parotid tumors.


ultrasound; elastography; contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS); diagnosis; parotid gland tumors

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11152/mu-2652


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