Vomiting-induced costal cartilage fracture: a case report

Eleni Drakonaki, Ioannis Karageorgiou, Stamatios Kokkinakis, Neofytos Maliotis, Rania Spyridaki, Emmanouil K Symvoulakis


The use of ultrasonography as a first line imaging test in cases of possible costal cartilage fracture can be pivotal. In this case report, we present the case of a patient with a suspected atraumatic vomiting-induced costal cartilage fracture. The costal cartilage fracture was non-displaced and incomplete, thus not visible in a Computed Tomography scan. When Ultrasound imaging was employed at the area of tenderness, soft tissue edema and hematoma around the cartilage were visualized. High level of suspicion for a cartilage fracture in this case revealed a subtle osseous injury.


Costal cartilage; Fractures, Cartilage; Vomiting; Ultrasonography;

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11152/mu-2677


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