Unilateral painful, swollen and erythematosus knee. Case report.

Annamaria Iagnocco, Caterina Vavala, Chiara Scirocco, Iolanda Maria Rutigliano, Angelica Gattamelata, Guido Valesini


Musculoskeletal ultrasound (US) is gaining an increasing role in the assessment of a variegate set of joint and periarticular soft tissues abnormalities in rheumatology. In addition, US represents a useful technique in guiding local procedures such as aspiration of fluid collections and injections within the joints and periarticular musculoskeletal structures. We recently performed US in a patient with unilateral painful, swollen and erythematosus knee. Pre-patellar bursitis was demonstrated, without any signs of intra-articular abnormalities. US-guided aspiration of local effusion was performed; synovial fluid analysis demonstrated septic bursitis. Appropriate treatment determined the complete remission.


prepatellar bursitis; ultrasound

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