MRI-US fusion guided prostate biopsy: how I do it

Iulia Andras, Emanuel-Darius Cata, Dana Crisan, David Andras, Teodora Telecan, Stefana Tartamus, Maximilian Buzoianu, Andrei Maga, Nicolae Crisan


Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and MRI-guided prostate biopsy have become the standard for pros-tate cancer diagnosis. As their implementation is relatively recent, experience is still limited in various centres. MRI-guided biopsy requires basic knowledge in prostate MRI and ultrasound (US), but also in the image processing protocol specific for each device. Standardization of the method is needed to ensure the best results in terms of diagnosis accuracy. We hereby pre-sent our technique for MRI-US fusion guided prostate biopsy and the outcomes after performing more than 600 procedures.


multiparametric MRI; MRI-US fusion guided biopsy; prostate cancer

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