Lung ultrasound in children, WFUMB review paper (part 2)

Christoph F. Dietrich, Natalia Buda, Ioana Mihaiela Ciuca, Yi Dong, Cheng Fang, Axel Feldkamp, Jörg Jüngert, Wojciech Kosiak, Hans Joachim Mentzel, Corina Pienar, Jorge S. Rabat, Vasileios Rafailidis, Simone Schrading, Dagmar Schreiber-Dietrich, Joanna Jaworska


Ultrasound (US) is an ideal diagnostic tool for paediatric patients owning to its high spatial and temporal resolution, real-time imaging, and lack of ionizing radiation and bedside availability. In the current World Federation of Societies for Ultra-sound in Medicine and Biology (WFUMB) paper series so far (part I) the topic has been introduced and the technical require-ments explained. In the present paper the use of US in the lung in paediatric patients is analysed. Lung diseases including the interstitial syndrome, bacterial pneumonia and viral infections, CoViD findings, atelectasis, lung consolidation, bronchiolitis and congenital diseases of the respiratory system including congenital pulmonary airway malformation (CPAM) and sequester but also pneumothorax are discussed.


pneumonia; atelectasis; pneumothorax; CoViD; guidelines

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