Appendicitis associated with intestinal malrotation: imaging diagnosis features. Case report

Radu Badea, Nadim al Hajjar, Vasile Andreica, Bogdan Procopet, Cosmin Caraiani, Attila Tamas-Szora


Intestinal malrotation is a rare pathological situation consisting of non-rotation or incomplete rotation of the primitive intestine. Due to the abnormal caecal position inflicted by malrotation, diagnosis of acute appendicitis is difficult. Ultrasonography (US) and Computed Tomography (CT) are relevant and complementary imaging techniques for establishing an otherwise elusive diagnosis We present the case of 54 year old male presenting with nonspecific abdominal complaints in which US (standard and contrast enhanced) and CT scans identified acute appendicitis associated with malrotated caecum and ascending colon, located in the left hipocondrum.


appendicitis; malrotation; contrast enhanced ultrasound

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