First trimester sonographic diagnosis of limb-body wall defect associating both cephalic and thoraco-abdominal defects – a case report and literature update

Dan Boitor-Borza, Adelina Staicu, Roxana Constantin, Daniel Muresan


We present the first trimester prenatal ultrasonography and pathological assessment of a case diagnosed with limb-body wall complex (LBWC) presenting both exenchephaly and a complex thoraco-abdominal wall defect. Ectopia cordis is demonstrated with a movie showing the heart beating outside the body of the fetus after its expulsion. Also, we discuss the pathogenesis and possible etiology of LBWC and associated malformations and we provide an update of the literature of this very rare anomaly.


limb-body wall complex; exencephaly; abdominal wall defects; thoracoschisis; ectopia cordis

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