Wandering spleen in a child with symptoms of acute abdomen: ultrasonographic diagnosis. Case report.

Umit Yasar Ayaz, Alper Dilli, Sevin Ayaz, Arman Api


We report the initial and follow-up ultrasonography (US) findings in a pediatric case of wandering spleen with symptoms of acute abdomen, as a rare entity. A four-year-old boy was referred with complaints of blunt abdominal pain, vomiting and fatigue. US detected an oval-shaped, mildly enlarged spleen with inferomedial displacement. In right lateral decubitus, the spleen showed further medial displacement. Five months later, control US revealed further enlargement of the displaced spleen. Seven months later, due to acute torsion of the spleen, splenectomy was performed.


wandering spleen; child; ultrasonography

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