Fetal cardiac rhabdomyomas as a sonographic sign of tuberous sclerosis complex – a diagnosis not to be missed. A pictorial essay

Dan Boitor Borza, Roxana Popa Stanila, Gabriela Zaharie, Monica Hasmasanu, Daniel Muresan


Fetal cardiac rhabdomyomas should trigger the awareness of a potential coexisting tuberous sclerosis complex that can lead to a poor neurological outcome. This condition is not only uncommon but can be easily unrecognized prenatally in the absence of a meticulous neurosonogram and MRI. We emphasize that careful consideration of all prenatal facilities is required to confirm the diagnosis of tuberous sclerosis complex as early as possible during pregnancy.


cardiac rhabdomyomas; tuberous sclerosis; prenatal diagnosis

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11152/mu-3318


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