The added value of CEUS and ultrasound-guided biopsy in diagnosing an aggressive desmoplastic small round cell tumour of peritoneum in a young male. A case report

Mihaela Sparchez, Tudor Mocan, Cosmin Caraiani, Ioana Rusu, Zeno Adrian Sparchez


Desmoplastic small round cell tumour (DSRCT) is a rare and highly aggressive mesenchymal neoplasm with poor prognosis that develops in male adolescents and young adults. We report the case of a 32-year-old male admitted with abdominal distension and ascites. An ultrasonography (US) scan showed multiple peritoneal masses with large ascites. The dominant mass had a hypervascular homogenous aspect at contrast-enhanced ultrasound with wash-out in the venous phase. Thoracoabdominal CT, performed for staging the disease, confirmed the US aspect. The US-guided percutaneous biopsy revealed DSRCT of the peritoneum. Chemotherapy was then started with minimal clinical improvement, increase in tumoral burden and death after three months. US and US-guided biopsy played an essential role in diagnosing this case. The aggressive course of the disease and seeding at paracentesis sites are the particularities of the presented case.


desmoplastic small round cell tumour; contrast-enhanced ultrasound; percutaneous biopsy

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