The “starry night” (diffuse microcalcific myopathy) – thousands of muscle microcalcifications after 30 years of Trichinella infection detected by ultrasound

Daniela Fodor, Carmen Georgiu, Michael Pelea, Oana Serban, Alexandru Micu, Mihaela C. Micu


Trichinellosis, a parasitosis transmitted through consumption of raw or undercooked meat from pigs and game animals, is responsible for a specific myositis. The calcifications of infected myocytes and larva can be detected during many years postin-fection. We present the case of a male patient with a history of severe trichinellosis with disease onset 30 years ago, presenting with generalized muscle microcalcifications detected during musculoskeletal ultrasound evaluation. The ultrasound aspect of the muscles was indeed spectacular; hence, the comparison with a ”starry night”.


calcific myositis; trichinellosis; ultrasound

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