Postinterventional ultrasonographic monitoring of the diabetic Charcot neuro-osteoarthropathy. Case report.

Elena Rodica Perciun, Daniel Petcu


Diabetic Charcot neuro-osteoarthropathy is a severe, multifactorial limb-threatening entity with a neuropathic background. It evolves from bones, joints and soft tissue inflammation, to permanent deformity, recurrent ulcerations and amputation, if left untreated. This particular case emphasizes the ultrasound’s conclusiveness in diagnosing inflammatory recurrence and orthopedic hardware behavior after corrective arthrodesis, thus permitting the correct therapeutic decision to offload the foot. Ultrasonography proves its undeniable applicability whenever other imaging-techniques are unavailable, inconclusive, or rejected by the patient.


Charcot osteo-neuroarthropathy; ultrasonography; orthopedic hardware; therapeutic decision; offloading.

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