Unusual echocardiographic finding as cause of acute coronary syndrome with ST- segment elevation

Andreea-Amalia Pârv, Cristina Vajas, Ovidiu Anchidin, Andrei Puiu, Andrei Ștefan, Ovidiu Bochis, Ștefan Spînu, Horia Roșianu


Biventricular metastatic heart tumors from gynecological malignancies presented as an acute coronary syndrome with ST segment elevation are an unusual finding. We present a case of stage-4 vulvar carcinoma that metastasized in both the left and right ventricle. The particularity of the case is the echocardiographic aspect in the emergency room: multiple, large, hyperechogenic masses disseminated in the myocardium, with pericardial extension, in context of acute coronary syndrome with ST segment elevation.


cardiac metastases; vulvar carcinoma; echocardiography; acute coronary syndrome; ST segment elevation

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11152/mu-3741


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