Occlusion of upper limb artery pseudoaneurysms with US-guided fibrin glue injection: a valid minimally invasive treatment option? Two case reports.

Gregor Laimer, Johannes Deeg, Hannes Gruber, Elisabeth Skalla-Oberherber, Yannick Scharll, Alexander Loizides


Arterial pseudoaneurysms (PSAs) typically occur after (iatrogenic) damage (i.e., puncture) to the arterial wall and are the most frequent complication following percutaneous interventions.

In this article we report on successful treatments of two iatrogenic PSAs in two patients (87-year-old male; 69-yearold-female) with a brachial (10 x 7 mm; 10 mm-length “neck”) and radial (17 x 7 mm; 3 mm-length “neck”) artery PSA by US-guided fibrin glue injection (UGFI). Both PSAs were effectively occluded without any complications. To our knowledge this is the first report on successful treatments of upper limb artery PSAs using UGFI, which may represent a valid first-line, minimally invasive treatment option for brachial artery PSA.


ultrasound guided treatment; pseudoaneurysm; fibrin glue

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11152/mu-3754


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