Ultrasound in non-tumoral pathology of the skin

Mircea Negruțiu, Sorina Danescu, Theodor Popa, Adrian Baican


Skin ultrasound (US) is a relatively new imaging technique, for which interest has grown significantly in the last decade. Properties such as mobility, real-time imaging and lack of irradiation or sedation, have made it a useful tool in completing the clinical examination. The use of probes of different frequencies has managed to improve the US technique, offering the possibility of obtaining high quality images. Thus, by using high-frequency and ultra-high frequency US, subclinical information can be obtained with a wide applicability in dermatological pathology. In this paper we aim to discuss the main uses of skin US in non-tumoral pathology (inflammatory and autoimmune pathology).


ultrasound; inflammatory skin diseases; connective tissue diseases

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11152/mu-3929


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