Comments and illustrations of the WFUMB CEUS liver guidelines: Rare vascular pathology, part II

Kathleen Moller, Ehsan Safai Zadeh, Christian Görg, Christian Jenssen, Michael Hocke, Chiara de Molo, Carla Serra, Yi Dong, Xin Wu Cui, Adrian Lim, Ruth Thees-Laurenz, Siegbert Faiss, Christoph F. Dietrich


In this second part of the topic the hepatic pseudoaneurysm, hepatic infarction, and pylephlebitis are discussed as acute and potentially life-threatening hepatic vascular diseases. The focus is on their appearance on B-mode ultrasonography, duplex ultrasonography, and contrast-enhanced ultrasonography. Zahn’s pseudo infarction is an important differential diagnosis to wedge-shaped hepatic infarction in this context. Knowledge of the data should help raise awareness of these rare findings, to come up with relevant differential diagnoses in the corresponding clinical situation, to interpret the ultrasound images correctly and thus to initiate the appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic steps in time.


hepatic artery pseudoaneurysm; liver infarction; pylephlebitis; Zahn´s pseudo infarction; Ultrasonography

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