Comments and illustrations of the WFUMB CEUS liver guidelines: Rare focal liver lesions – infectious (bacterial)

André Ignee, Kathleen Möller, Ruth Thees-Laurenz, Ehsan Safai Zadeh, Christian Görg, Jean Michel Correas, Nitin Chaubal, Vito Sansone, Christian Jenssen, Yi Dong, Manuela Götzberger, Maria Franca Meloni, Xin Wu Cui, Christoph Klinger, Chiara DeMolo, Serra Carla, Adrian Lim, Pintong Huang, Nathally Espinosa Montagut, Christoph Frank Dietrich


In this series of papers on comments and illustrations of the World Federation for Medicine and Biology (WFUMB) guidelines on contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) the topics of bacterial infections are discussed. Improved detection and characterization of common focal liver lesions (FLL) are the main topics of these guidelines but detailed and illustrating information is missing. The focus in this paper on infectious (bacterial) focal liver lesions is on their appearance on B-mode and Doppler ultrasound and CEUS features. Knowledge of these data should help to raise awareness of these rarer findings, to think of these clinical pictures in the corresponding clinical situation, to interpret the ultrasound images correctly and thus to initiate the appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic steps in time.


Guideline; carcinoma; focal nodular hyperplasia; abscess; parasitosis

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