Water isolation technique combined with contrast-enhanced ultrasound guided puncture biopsy of pancreatic mass in 3 cases.

Wang Xiaohui, Qiao Yannan, Zhou Lin, Chen Hui, Yang Zhen


In many patients with pancreatic cancer the definite pathological diagnosis is limited due to the lack of safe needle entry routes, the high risk of conventional ultrasound-guided puncture and the low positive rate of single needle. To solve the situations in which there are no safe path for pancreatic biopsy, we used water isolation technology combined with contrast-enhanced ultrasound to perform puncture biopsy in 3 patients with pancreatic mass occupying under the guidance of coaxial needle in this study and remarkable results were achieved. The water isolation technique was used to avoid the damage to the
important organs in front of the occupying area.


water isolation; contrast-enhanced ultrasound; puncture biopsy; pancreatic mass

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11152/mu-4304


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