Splenic cysts: clues in sonographic differential diagnosis and a new role for twinkling artifact

Adnan Kabaalioğlu, Evren Uzer, Ayşe Keven, Nesrin Gündüz, Hakan Doğan, Evrim Özmen


Aim: Our aim was to investigate the frequency of various splenic cysts, to define the sonographic differential diagnostic clues and to introduce the value of twinkling artefact in the diagnosis of epidermoid splenic cysts.

Material and methods: All the splenic cysts imaged by ultrasound in 3 university hospitals during the period of 2005 to 2022 were recorded, followed-up and analyzed.

Results: One hundred seventy-one patients with splenic cysts were detected and these were classified and 73% of the cysts were simple. Ten cysts were epidermoid cysts as proven by post-operative final histology.

Conclusion: Cystic splenic lesions are rare. Most of them are small simple cysts. Epidermoid cysts are larger in volume, constitute 6% of the total and can be differentiated by the help of twinkling artefact by Doppler ultrasound.


spleen cyst; epidermoid cyst; ultrasound; Doppler; twinkling artifact

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11152/mu-4353


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