How CEUS improves gallbladder pathology evaluation. A comprehensive pictorial and review of the literature

Alexandru Florin Badea, Lidia Ciobanu


Gallbaldder disorders represent a prevalent pathology encounterd in daily practice, both in emergency and ambulatory settings. Transabdominal ultrasound has a high accuracy for the diagnosis of gallstones and acute cholecystitis. Contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) can depict and characterized the vascular pattern in cases of inflammatory or malignant processes. In an emergency situation such as acute cholecystitis in patients with comorbidities, CEUS can acurate identify a gangrenous cholecystitis; subsequently the medical management can rely on this technique. The differential diagnosis of benign vs malignant pathology, in cases of segmental or diffuse wall thickening, can also benefit from CEUS. In this paper we aimed to discuss and to illustrate the role of CEUS in gallbladder pathology.


gallbladder; contrast-enhanced ultrasound; acute cholecystitis; polyps; gallblader carcinoma

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