The diagnostic value of ultrasound in the assessment of soft tissue masses in rheumatology practice – a case series of 4 patients

Tanya Sapundzhieva, Plamen Todorov, Lyubomir Sapundzhiev, Dimitar Pazardzhikliev, Kamen Klinkanov, Anastas Batalov


A great number of studies have proved the added value of musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSUS) in the diagnosis, assessment of disease activity and treatment response in both inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases. However, it is a frequent scenario that rheumatologists should also assess patients with various soft tissue masses, referred to their practices. In such cases, MSUS could be a valuable and precise tool that helps in the evaluation and triage of these lesions. Hereafter, we describe a case series, where MSUS played a decisive role in the diagnostic process and allowed for prompt patients’ management.


ultrasound; soft tissue mass; diagnosis; case-report

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