VEXAS syndrome diagnosis starting from ultrasound findings: a case report

Tamás Rácz, Sergiu Burciu, Tunde Torok, Laura Damian, Simona Rednic, Siao-Pin Simon


VEXAS syndrome is a recently described condition characterized by systemic inflammation, predisposition to hematologic malignancy and a high rate of venous thrombosis. Here we report the case of an elderly male with erythema nodosumlike lesions, ankle arthralgia, and general symptoms. B-mode and Doppler ultrasound of the subcutis diagnosed superficial thrombophlebitis of the lower limbs, which turned out to be the manifestation of a paucisymptomatic VEXAS syndrome. VEXAS should be considered in any patient who presents with unexplained superficial thrombophlebitis, macrocytic anemia and unexplained systemic inflammation.


VEXAS syndrome; ultrasound; superficial thrombophlebitis; macrocytic anemia

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