Ectopic thyroid in duplicated gall bladder: a rare entity. Case report.

Manohar B. Kachare, Ashish Khandelwal, Sanjay B. Kulkarni, Sachin S. Saboo


Duplication of the gall bladder is a rare anomaly. Ectopic thyroid in a gall bladder is also exceedingly rare with only four cases of ectopic thyroid tissue in the gall bladder reported in English literature. We report the unique case of ectopic thyroid tissue in a duplicated gall bladder in a 51-year-old female with recurrent right upper quadrant pain. Abdominal sonography revealed a duplicated gall bladder with the cystic-solid mass in the septum separating the two gall bladders while subsequent histopathology from the cholecystectomy specimen confirmed ectopic thyroid tissue within the wall of double gall bladder.


gall bladder duplication; thyroid gland; ectopic thyroid; ultrasonograph

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