Value of ultrasound elastography in the diagnosis of native kidney fibrosis.

Ileana Peride, Daniela Rădulescu, Andrei Niculae, Vladimir Ene, Ovidiu Gabriel Bratu, Ionel Alexandru Checheriță


In the last decade, ultrasound elastography, an already widely used technique in the diagnosis of hepatic fibrosis, has raised the attention of nephrologists as a potential valuable noninvasive tool for the diagnosis of renal fibrosis. Due to renal deep location and anatomic complexity, the shear wave techniques are the most appropriate elastography methods for exploring native kidneys. Recent research offers promising results, but further larger studies are required for a better standardization of this method and also for establishing reference values of normal kidney elasticity. This article reviews the studies conducted for exploring the native kidney, highlighting the advantages and limitations of ultrasound elastography for assessing fibrosis development in chronic kidney diseases.


renal elasticity; ultrasound elastography; kidney fibrosis; chronic kidney disease

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