Plastic reconstruction of fetal anatomy using three-dimensional ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging scan data in a giant cervical teratoma. Case report.

Heron Werner, Jorge Lopes, Gabriele Tonni, Edward Araujo Junior


Cervical teratoma is a rare congenital tumor that tends to be large and is usually solid/cystic. Estimation of the degree of tracheal compression or distortion allows multidisciplinary planning for delivery and neonatal resuscitation. We present a case of prenatal diagnosis of cervical teratoma at 29 weeks of gestation. The use of a physical model from 3D ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging improved the understanding of spatial relationships of fetal anomaly and the adjacent structures, permitting better parent counselling. This technology can be used for educational purposes and as a method for parents to visualize their unborn baby.


prenatal diagnosis; physical model; magnetic resonance imaging; 3Dultrasound; cervical teratoma

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