The mean values of liver stiffness assessed by Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse elastography in normal subjects

Alina Popescu, Ioan Sporea, Roxana Sirli, Simona Bota, Mircea Focsa, Diana Nicolita, Alina Martie, Madalina Sendroiu, Ana Juchis


The aim of this paper is to establish the values of liver stiffness (LS) assessed by means of ARFI in patients without known liver pathology and considered healthy subjects. Material and method: the study group was composed of 82 subjects without known liver pathology, healthy volunteers or patients from other departments of our hospital who did not have altered liver laboratory tests. 76 patients had ARFI valid measurements (47 women and 29 men, mean age 34.5±14.3 years). In each subject abdominal ultrasound was performed (patients with steatosis or any other signs of chronic liver pathology were excluded) as well as ARFI (using Siemens Acuson S2000TM). The median value of 10 measurements was calculated, expressed in m/s; we considered valid only the measurements with IQR60%, similar to transient elastography. Mean ARFI values and mean values according to age and gender were evaluated. Results: valid ARFI measurements were obtained in 76/82 patients (92.6%). The mean value of ARFI measurements in normal individuals was 1.15±0.21 m/s. There were no significant differences between the mean ARFI values in men vs. women (1.16±0.21 vs. 1.14±0.22m/s, p=0.67), also among different age groups (p>0.05). Conclusion: In our study the mean LS value obtained by ARFI in healthy subjects was 1.15 m/s.


Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse; liver stiffness; elastography

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