Ultrasonographic diagnosis of congenital hydrometrocolpos in prenatal and newborn period: a case report

Umit Yasar Ayaz, Alper Dilli, Arman Api


Our purpose is to present the ultrasonographic findings of a rare case of prenatally and postnatally congenital hydrometrocolpos secondary to imperforate hymen. By ultrasonography (US) at 38 weeks of gestation, a retrovesical, 60x43 mm pelvic cystic mass, was demonstrated in a female fetus. After delivery, US of the newborn revealed a 77x60 mm retrovesical, pearshaped cystic structure with internal echoes, interpreted as congenital hydrometrocolpos. Mild pelvicaliectasis in the left kidney was associated. At physical examination imperforate hymen was detected and a hymenotomy was done. After the hymenotomy, complete regression of the hydrometrocolpos and of the left renal pelvicaliectasis was demonstrated sonographically.


hydrocolpos; prenatal; diagnosis; ultrasonography

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