Focal hepatic lesion ultrasound-guided biopsies

Eleni-Anna Saloura, Vasiliki Bizimi, Emmanouil Theodoropoulos, Marianna Kalokairinou, Alexia P Balanika, Christos S Baltas


Purpose: To compare the results of pathologic and cytologic reports of specimens acquired from focal liver lesions using ultrasound-guided biopsy and to evaluate the necessity of performing both techniques in the same patient. Materials and methods: 21 patients were eligible for enrollment in the study. Specimens for both pathologic and cytologic examination were obtained from 16 lesions using a 17G needle guide in a single puncture attempt. In 2 cases the diagnosis was based on cytologic smears. In 3 cases only histologic sections were acquired. The needle was introduced under continuous ultrasonographic control using a freehand technique. A cytologist was present at all times. Results: The diagnostic sensitivity of cytologic examination was 83.33% and that of histologic examination was 94.74%. Histology diagnosed all cases of benign lesions and was proved inconclusive in 1 patient. The diagnostic sensitivity and accuracy of both methods combined reached 100%. In 94.4% malignancy was immediately diagnosed by cytology. Conclusions: Combination of both methods should increase the sensitivity and accuracy in diagnosing focal liver lesions performing a safe minimally invasive technique.


pathologic and cytologic examination; ultrasound-guided biopsy; focal liver lesions

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